Water Transit Solutions (WTS) is an innovative, environmentally-friendly company. Our mobile water equipment and advanced technology provides just-in-time deployment during disasters and other water crises, while our consumer and research-driven divisions bring cutting-edge solutions to home and bottled water sectors. The company focus is to bring clean water to people during emergency scenarios and in everyday life via proprietary water delivery solutions.


Our Mission

We are committed to deliver fresh, clean water to consumers through innovative technology, thereby providing an eco-friendly/green alternative within the bulk water industry.


Current solutions for water delivery are unsustainable. Health and wellness are at the top of the list. Consumers are interested in leading a healthier lifestyle. This definitely impacts the demand for clean water.

  • Clean water distribution is outdated. The 5-gallon bottled water industry is dying, given that consumers obtain their preferred 16.9/500 ml and 1-gallon plastic water containers primarily from retail outlets.
  • Plastic containers are an environmental drain, as over 50 percent of them end up in landfills and waterways. In addition, chemicals that leak from plastics make regular bottled water an undesirable choice for many consumers.
  •  Natural or man-made disasters interrupt the water supplies around the globe. Relief efforts involving the delivery of bottled water are ineffective during a catastrophe, due in part to the logistics of serving urban populations of several million people all at once.
  • Crumbling infrastructure and contaminated natural water supplies are well-documented. These problems continue to plague government agencies on every level, as most of them are ill-equipped to provide safe alternatives.
  • In areas where the public water supply has been deemed unsafe, the evidence shows that residents do not trust or feel certain about their water supply even years after the crisis has been "fixed."