the WTS Solution

 “Safe water” is not the same as “clean water.” WTS provides turn-key solutions for the delivery of clean water in urban, rural and remote areas. Our proprietary water distribution system utilizes remote monitoring technology that tracks databases to maximize the efficient of a quality delivery service. Our integrated water purification system is championed by major bottling companies.

The WTS solution provides an innovative way to reduce cost and improve efficiency. This ability to provide “just-in- time” products and services increases the overall effectiveness of emergency preparedness. Our solution consists of the WTS SmartTank™ and the WTS Mobile Platform™.

The WTS SmartTank™ System is equipped with a filtration system with sensors that transmit ongoing data on water quality.  It back-fits directly to a home’s or building’s water source and cleans municipally sourced water. The system’s multi-filter ensures that purified water will be consistently delivered to the end user, regardless of the contaminants present in the water source. 

The WTS Mobile Platform helps to ensure that clean water is available when needed every time, providing these services in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly operation.  WTS provides a complete, turnkey solution to supply clean water to an emergency site in the form of mobile water purification and bagging systems.  Theses platforms are equipped with innovative technology that helps monitor water usage so that fresh supplies are delivered on a just-in-tie basis.